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Living Well With Dementia | LWWD | Level n/a | 2023/24
Health & Social Sciences
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Living Well With Dementia | LWWD | Level n/a | 2023/24
11/04/2024 | Pre booked spaces only | Closing date 29/02/2024 | Available
11/04/2024, 18/04/2024, 25/04/2024


This unit will allow students to understand the causes of dementia and critically analyse the care of those with a dementia, aiming to develop the students own practice. Student will need to have contact or work with people with a dementia.

Learning and Teaching Methods
Students will participate in a mixture of lectures, seminars, online learning, and independent reading and study.

Indicative Content

  1. The current issues in all care settings for the person with dementia and their families/carers; prevalence, quality of care, care pathways, nutrition, falls.
  2. What is dementia?; Types, symptoms, risk factors, diagnosing, progression, therapeutic interventions.
  3. Person-centred care; Dignity, empowerment, communication, life stories, engaging and involving the family/carer.
  4. The importance of comprehensive geriatric assessment.
  5. Managing behaviour that may challenge.
  6. Legal and ethical issues.

Please note that this course is non-accredited

This course requires 100% attendance.


You must be a registered Healthcare professional to undertake this course.

Lansdowne Campus
Learning Outcomes

By the end of the unit the student will be able to:

  1. Articulate the causes of dementia, and distinguish between the different presentations of the common dementias.
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of assessments and interventions used in the care of people with dementia.
  3. Critically analyse pharmacological and non-pharmacological management of those with a dementia.
  4. To consider the legal and ethical issues that may arise when caring for people with dementia.
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Course Leader
Name: Chantel Cox


Mode of Delivery
Face to Face Teaching (from 9am to 5pm)
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