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Welcome to the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences

Welcome to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) at BU. We are proud to teach across Health and Social Sciences with the focus to advance practice by linking the educational offer to our research activities. As academics we are keen to include the voice of the people we serve in practice through close collaboration with the PIER partnership.

Whilst some of our units are specific to some professions, others are relevant for advanced practice across Health, Social Sciences and the Public Sector.

Our leadership pathway thrives on multi professional input to break down the barriers of siloed practice and drive forward public facing, accountable strategy.

Our CPD pathways seek to meet the needs of professionals who are occupying complex and busy workspaces. We appreciate the need to be flexible education whilst driving up teaching standards though practice and research informed resources.

Flexibility- Your personal learning journey:

No career pathway is the same and at BU we understand the challenges that come from duality of being a student and practitioner.

Bournemouth University has long history of delivering CPD across industries. Our large portfolio of workforce development and CPD opportunities reflects practice transformations across health, social care and public sector. It is constantly updated to ensure that it meets the needs of our stakeholder organisations and students.

We understand that fitting study in and around your busy working life can be a challenge, so we have a number of flexible courses that allow you to study bite-sized units at your convenience, while working towards a final qualification, such as a Masters award. You may wish to complete one unit at a time or more, or enrol on a full pathway – the choice is yours. Please feel free to reach out to our academic staff to discuss your options.

Workforce development- Practice Partner arrangements

Our units and pathways are designed and implemented in collaboration with practice colleagues, supporting the development of a workforce that is not only fit for the here and now, but will be able to lead and innovate into the future.

We also run bespoke provision tailored to your specific personal and organisation needs, which can be requested upon demand from the CPD team.

We take pride in our approach which facilitates flexible partnerships with employers, and meets the needs and requirements of candidates, workforce development managers and agencies. Delivering tangible and measurable results in our courses is rooted in all that we do!

If you would like to speak to one of our team about which course might be best for you please email

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